How to invest in gold ? With Golden Way Group ?

Nowadays, to invest in gold, you have the possibility to buy either physical gold, or « paper gold » on the stock exchange, or the hybrid product of Golden Way Group.

This company offers the security and safety of physical gold, but also the profitability of paper gold. Although the profitability offered by Golden Way Group far exceeds that of paper gold investments.

And this, without the risks associated with the stock market, such as volatility or loss of capital, or the risk of storage at home.


How does this company manage to offer the advantages of gold without the disadvantages ?


We’ll tell you all about it in this article. We’ll take a detailed look at the Golden Way Group’s offering.

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Investing with Golden Way Group, presentation and review

What does Golden Way Group offer? Their offer is a kind of hybrid solution between buying physical gold and paper gold. It may seem complex at first sight, but it is actually very simple. Explanations.



Who is Golden Way Group ?


Golden Way Group is a group of companies that has been mining and trading precious metals, including gold and diamonds, for many years. It extracts gold from mines in Sierra Leone, Africa. It also trades 999.9 thousandths investment gold with major international manufacturers, and its own brand.



Business model


The Golden Way Group showcase is an online investment gold bullion store. On My Golden Way World, it is possible to buy bars from 1 to 100 grams.

The customer has the choice to have the gold delivered within 5 to 14 days worldwide, or to receive the gold only after one year. This is in order to collect dividends of 3% to 5% per week.

In addition to direct sales, an affiliate program exists to reward business referrers.


Therefore, Golden Way Group operates in a closed production cycle, from mining to the sale of finished goods. In order to carry out its activities, it uses its own funds, but also attracts professional or private investors. Investors to whom it offers more than attractive dividends.



Legal Identity


Golden Way Company (GWC) is registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the following references :


    • Main License: 846866
    • Member Certificate: 325810
    • Register: 1439342
    • Expiry Date: 05/08/2022
    • Address: Aspin Tower, Floor 44 Office 18 – 106 Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Phone: +971-4-3835136 / +971-4-3835137



To invest now with Golden Way Group, click here.



Create a profitable business with Golden Way Group


As we have seen, with Golden Way Group you have two options. Either you buy gold bars in the traditional way, or you create a profitable business with gold.

Now let’s look at the business part, which the company calls « Golden Way Path to Success ».



Investment gold bars


When you buy investment gold from Golden Way Group (from 50 €), you sign a one-year contract.

This contract gives you the right to receive dividends, which accumulate every week, on Wednesday, throughout the year.


Also, you get to choose when you receive your dividends. You can receive them weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or at the end of the contract year.

The frequency you choose determines the percentage of compensation, from 3% to 5% per week.



Profitability by dividend payment frequency


Dividend payment Weekly return Annual return
52 times 1 week 3% 156%
13 times 4 weeks 3.5% 182%
4 times 13 weeks 4% 208%
2 times 26 weeks 4.5% 234%
1 times 52 weeks 5% 260%



At the end of the contract, a « Gold » account appears in your personal space, where the value of your expired contract will be credited. From there, you have three choices :


  • Withdraw your capital (minus 20%), which means selling your gold back to GoldenWay Group.
  • Receive your gold, by ordering it in the store with your Gold account.
  • Reinvest on a new contract with your Gold account.



Example of profitability projection


This chart is shown for information purposes only. It does not guarantee that you will reproduce the same performance. Your performance will depend on your strategy and personal discipline. The amounts shown can be achieved by reinvesting all the dividend payments.


Capital 1,000 €
Payment period Weekly return No. of weeks
Week 3% 1
Month 3.5% 4
Quarter 4% 13
Half year 4.5% 26
Year 5% 52
No. of payments Period return Annual revenue
52 3% 4,651 €
13 14% 5,492 €
4 52% 5,338 €
2 117% 4,709 €
1 260% 3,600 €

Revenue for N years = Capital * (1 + Period return) (No. of payments * N years)


Obviously, choosing a monthly dividend payment frequency seems to be the best solution in the case of full dividend reinvestment.

Reinvesting the dividends every months, 1,000 € become 30,167 € after 2 years, and 165,687 € after 3 years. The magic of compound interests



To invest now with Golden Way Group, click here.



The affiliate program


You also have the choice to promote the products of Golden Way Group. For this, the company rewards you with bonuses and premiums, according to the turnover brought. However, even though promotion can increase your income exponentially, it is by no means essential.


  • First, premiums from 15 € to 750,000 € are paid, depending on the level of direct revenue brought in.
  • Then, bonuses of 10% to 19% of the revenue brought into your structure, depending on the level of revenue.



Affiliate Program Compensation


Direct / structure rev. Direct rev. premium Struct. rev. bonus
50 € 0 € 10%
500 € 15 € 10.5%
2,500 € 60 € 11%
10,000 € 225 € 11.5%
50,000 € 1,200 € 12%
100,000 € 1,500 € 12.5%
……. ……. …….
1,000,000 € 7,500 € 14.5%
……. ……. …….
10,000,000 € 75,000 € 16.5%
……. ……. …….
100,000,000 € 750,000 € 18.5%
150,000,000 € 750,000 € 19%

Rev. = revenue


From a customer personally brought to Golden Way Group, the affiliate receives a bonus of 10% to 19% of the amount of gold bought, according to the level of corresponding revenue.

From the purchases in the affiliate’s structure, he receives the difference between his percentage and the percentage of the direct affiliate.



To invest now with Golden Way Group, click here.



Useful information about deposits and withdrawals


To deposit and withdraw money with Golden Way Group, you can choose between several methods : €uros, Dollars, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum), Payeer, Perfect Money.


  • Deposits in cryptocurrency are to be preferred because they are almost instantaneous, and the fees are low (they depend on your exchange platform).
  • You can also make a bank transfer, the delay will be the classic delay of interbank transfers.
  • You can also use a credit card, but you will need to have a Payeer account (equivalent to Paypal).


  • For withdrawals, in cryptocurrency the delay is about 24 hours, the minimum is 100 €, and the fees are 1.5% of the amount.
  • By wire transfer, the minimum is 2,000 €, and the fees are about 5%.
  • By credit card, as for the deposits, the withdrawals are done with Payeer.

How to register with Golden Way Group ?

The registration takes less than a minute.


  1. Just click here.
  2. In the new window, click on the Sign Up button, at the top right.
  3. Fill in your name, email address and sponsor code : if you want Investir Solutions to recommend you, enter the code eqbjz.
  4. Choose a strong password, with at least : 12 characters, including 1 lower case, 1 upper case, 1 number, and 1 special character.


That’s it!


Next, you will need to verify your identity by providing a valid phone number, address and identification document, and following the instructions.

Once Golden Way has approved your information, you can start investing in gold !

Now you have all the cards in hand to choose between investing in physical gold, paper gold, or mixing the two with Golden Way Group.

In our opinion, this company has great prospects, and deserves to be considered. But, this is only our opinion, and in no way an investment advice.

The only negative point we see is the fact that you have to invest over one year. And this is not really a negative point, because many investments are in the same case. For example, to receive dividends from stocks, most of the time you also have to tie up your capital over several months or even a year.

In any case, each solution has undeniable advantages and disadvantages. And, your choice will be the one you feel most comfortable with.

Have a great journey dear investors, and future investors !
Investir Solutions team.

The information provided on this site is for information purposes only. It cannot, under any circumstances, be considered as advice or a personalized investment recommendation.