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The sale of bullions, from 1 to 100 grams, is done on their online store Golden Way World.


Golden Way Company


The company was launched in August 2019, and is based in Dubai. Golden Way also has offices in Sierra Leone (exclusive mining partnership), Algeria, and Lithuania.

The numbers at the end of 2022: 2,400 kg of Gold in stock, 1,500 kg of Gold sold, to 215,000 customers, in 167 countries.


Objective and Vision


Golden Way’s goal is to become the world’s number one Gold retailer, helping its customers realize their dreams.




Its mission is to create a community of independent partners, passionate about Gold.


Business Model


Golden Way integrates all the processes of the Gold trade. It operates in a closed cycle, from the extraction, to the refining, to the certification, and to the sale of Gold. This allows it to have real control over quality and production costs.


On the other hand, to fuel the entire process, the Golden Way company requires substantial funds. It therefore proposes an investment model that allows the financing of its activities.


GoldenWay is registered in Dubai (Dubai Chamber of Commerce), under the name G W C PRECIOUS METAL L.L.C (main license 846866, register 1439342, member certificate 325810).


Address : Aspin Tower, Floor 44 Office 18, 106 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Phone : +971 438 35136 / +971 438 35137.


The owner and main manager of GoldenWay is Olesya Galusha.

She is a Ukrainian businesswoman with 25 years of experience in network marketing. She has also been a co-director of another company operating in Gold. Her reputation is very positive, she is a real professional, very attentive to her clients and partners. She is even available on FB.

golden way membership certificate

Golden Way Path to Success

« Golden Way Path to Success » is a registered trademark of the company. The idea is that anyone can succeed in this business, and this thanks to all the advantages of Gold :
  • The demand for the yellow metal is inexhaustible
  • Its quality is recognized worldwide
  • Gold does not need advertising
  • No need to create a distribution network
  • Low delivery costs
  • Gold will retain its original properties for thousands of years.

How Does Golden Way Work

Golden Way offers everyone to follow its « Path to Success », and buy investment Gold (certificates) from €50, in order to receive dividends from 3 to 5% per week.


Gold certificates are one-year contracts.


The return depends on the frequency of dividend payments : weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or at maturity.


At maturity, GoldenWay returns to the investor the value of their initial investment in Gold, or cash less 20%.


Affiliate Program


Golden Way also offers investors the opportunity to participate in an affiliate program, in order to increase their income. This program is completely optional.


A percentage is paid to affiliates on sales of Gold to customers referred by these affiliates. This percentage varies from 10 to 19% depending on their rank and the volume of sales in their network.


Bonuses are also distributed when affiliates reach certain direct sales volume levels. These bonuses start at €15 (€500 of direct sales), and can go up to €750,000 (€150,000,000 of total direct sales).


How does Golden Way make money ?


In full transparency, Golden Way explains how it is able to return such high returns to its investor partners.


Its production cost is €25 / gram of Gold. So, €1,000 of financing allow it to produce 40 grams of Gold.

The resale price on the Golden Way World store is €112.50 / gram of Gold. Thus, 40 grams of Gold have a value of €4,500.

On these €4,500 :

  • €2,600 go to the partners’ dividend payments
  • €200 goes to affiliate bonus payments and various gifts
  • €800 of Gold are sent to partners at the end of the investment certificate
  • €1,000 goes to the company’s benefit.

Golden Way Sign In

  1. Go to the official Golden Way website.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, country, phone number, email address, and if necessary the sponsor code « eqbjz ».
  3. Choose a strong password with at least 12 characters, including 1 lower case, 1 upper case, 1 number, and 1 special character.
  4. Verify your identity, by providing a physical address, and an identity document, by following the instructions.

Golden Way will approve your information within 24 hours, and you can start investing in Gold !

Golden Way Login

Each time you wish to log in to your personal space, you will need to go to the Golden Way Login page, and enter your email address and password.


My Golden Way

  • The login page for your personal space is the My Golden Way page. Once logged in, your space allows you to deposit funds, buy gold, withdraw your winnings, and talk to support when necessary, among other things.


  • Deposits and withdrawals are made either by bank transfer (€uro or Dollar), by credit card (with a Payeer account – equivalent to Paypal), with a Perfect Money account, or in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether).


  • Cryptocurrency transactions are to be preferred because they are almost instantaneous, and the fees are low.


  • In cryptocurrency, the minimum to withdraw is €100, and the fees are 1.5% of the amount. By wire transfer, the minimum withdrawal is €2,000, and the fees are about 7%.


Golden Way Group Login


Please note that initially the login page was hosted under the name Golden Way Group Login.

For some time, it has been modified. It is now hosted under the name Golden Way World Login.

Golden Way Reviews

Since there is no such thing as zero risk, at Invest Solutions, we evaluate the risk of each investment we test. Thus, we assign a score from 1 to 10.

1 being a very low risk, and 10 a company to flee without looking back !


Concerning Golden Way, we give it a risk rating of 3/10, which corresponds to a low to moderate risk. On the right, you can see the characteristics that contributed to this ranking.





This opinion is not an investment advice, and corresponds only to our point of view.

Everyone is responsible for their own investment decisions.


Our strategic orientation at Invest Solutions is to invest only funds that we do not need on a day-to-day basis, to recover our investment as soon as possible, and to reinvest only the profits.


And above all, we must indulge ourselves from time to time!

  • The company has been in existence since August 2019 ☹
  • Real and digital economy 😊
  • Physical offices, open to investors 😊
  • Numerous events (Dubai anniversaries, conferences Mexico, France, Colombia) 😊
  • Speed and security of Gold deliveries 😊
  • Communication of the company 😊
  • Transparency of the business model 😊
  • Almost inexhaustible market 😊

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